LYEN Controllable Pitch Propeller – Low pressure Low noise

Rating from 200kw~20,000kw

LYEN has technical advantages for the most reliable Controllable Pitch Propeller with good performance.

Propeller Hub

3 blades, 4 blades and 5 blades is available                                   Large piston, low working pressure and heavy duty

for different type of vessel and requirement                                    design lead to much less risk of oil leakage and allow

In-house design for cylinder bolts means minimum                         the system to work in the worst condition

Hub resistance and benefit for less cavitation

Blade Design

Propeller model test for 2700ml RORO vessel -Propeller efficiency up to 71% with Pressure Pulse lower to 1.27 KPa

Blade design is tailor-made for each project. LYEN hydrodynamic experts will look into detail for each project and make sure each propeller has highest efficiency with good cavitation and pressure pulse.

The vessel with LYEN Propeller will achieve higher speed with less fuel consumption. Means while, the noise and vibration is lower due to lower pressure pulse and working pressure. Of course, LYEN propeller will have a longer life and minimum downtime due to LYEN’s technical advantage and blade sign.

Oil Distributor

Oil Distributor is to transfer the hydraulic and lub. Oil from Power Unit to the propeller hub.

LYEN OD has space saving design, easy installation and maintenance. LYEN Unique self-lubricated hub design for long term operation and minimizing downtime.

GB type, mounted on the gearbox      
ST type, mounted on the shaft line