How Much Energy Does Your Vessel Waste - Without You Even Knowing?

Did you know most vessels sailing the oceans waste significant amounts of energy? Perhaps, your vessel is one of them.

Example 1
Today, many vessels with a controllable pitch propeller run on fixed engine speed and propeller RPM, or a preset combination of the two, where the pitch of the propeller predominantly controls the propulsive power. These vessels usually operate with a lower pitch than optimum, because the actual speed of the ship is much lower than the speed the propulsion system was designed for.

Example 2
Most vessels, independent of propulsion technology, are not equipped with the ability to carefully manage the most important inputs for operating the vessel efficiently. Typically the parameters the vessel’s crew can directly control is engine speed or propeller pitch. These parameters are one step away from the true performance indicators: speed & consumption.

Both examples above result in significant energy waste. Wasting energy also means throwing money down the drain, not to mention the negative impact on the environment in terms of CO2 and other exhaust emissions.

We strongly believe energy should be used, not wasted. So, how can we stop vessels from wasting all this fuel?

The answer is: Automated Fuel Saving

So, this is how it works. By controlling the propeller's pitch and RPM separately and producing the most amount of propeller thrust with the least amount of power, significantly less energy will be wasted.

However, constantly monitoring and adjusting pitch, RPM, speed, and consumption manually takes a lot of time and increases the likelihood of human error. This is why we came up with a solution that automatically monitors and controls propulsive power every second in real-time.

We call it FuelOpt.

FuelOpt Saves Fuel Every Second

With FuelOpt, your vessel is always run in a highly energy-efficient state. FuelOpt controls the main engine and propeller to the actual environment and loading conditions. It reduces fuel consumption by making sure the propulsive power is always at a high level of optimization by automatically controlling the pitch and RPM based on the direct commands from the bridge.   

On the bridge, the crew has full control to set the vessel speed, engine power or maximum allowed fuel consumption, or a combination of these. Based on the operating conditions, FuelOpt starts carefully controlling   the propulsive power to achieve stable and predictable vessel speed or consumption. This way, power peaks are avoided and fuel consumption is significantly reduced.   

In the engine control room, the crew gets detailed feedback and logs on the running parameters. FuelOpt measures performance data and makes it available in Fleet Analytics. Through Fleet Analytics the performance can be followed up over time and analyzed. Based on this, you can make fact-based decisions to improve the operation.   

Our services include an initial performance study, onboard measurements, system design integration, and automation and controls as well as installation and commissioning.  

Top Benefits of FuelOpt

Ship-owners around the world are installing Manta Marine’s automated fuel-saving solution. Moreover, the majority of our customers are returning to fleet-wide installations. There are many reasons. Here we show some of the top benefits of FuelOpt.

★ Reduced fuel consumption

FuelOpt helps your vessel consume less energy. Depending on the vessel and operation profile, you can save up to 25 % fuel.

★ Improved ship performance

By optimizing propulsive efficiency, improving speed management, and reducing fuel consumption, FuelOpt contributes to improved ship performance.

★ Lowered CO2 emissions

FuelOpt significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of your vessel. Today, FuelOpt is contributing to reducing 146 million kg of CO2 annually.

★ Cost-efficient solution that saves you money

Data collecting is usually costly. We make this possible at a very reasonable cost while continuously saving you money thanks to reduced fuel consumption.

★ Sit back and relax – it is automated

With FuelOpt, the crew does not have to constantly monitor and adjust propulsive parameters. This is all done automatically in real-time by FuelOpt.

★ FuelOpt can be installed in almost any vessel

FuelOpt can be installed in almost any type of vessels. The installation can be done during operation in just a few days and no time off-hire is required.

★ Integration is super-easy

FuelOpt is super-easy to integrate into existing vessels as well as new vessels. It is designed to work independently of the vessels' current configuration.

★ FuelOpt takes up little space and time

FuelOpt requires minimum installation space and the shortest possible time for commissioning with very little disturbance of the ship's operations.

★ FuelOpt makes reporting simple

Reporting of ship performance and CO2 emissions of your vessel is easier with FuelOpt onboard as FuelOpt collects all the data for you.