Currently, Liaoyu group's FUXINGHAI, the largest and most advanced Antarctic krill fishing vessel in China, has set off for Antarctica, with a main engine power of 9000kW and a propeller diameter ...
The big multi-purpose offshore vessel with total power 9000kw for the main propulsion system and four tunnel thrusters finished the 1st mission. The vessel has speed of 15kn and DP2.   LYEN is prou...
Above pic shows LYEN's tunnel thruster for semi-submersible vessel with advance technology of Low Pressure Low Noise.
It is proven that the owners like the idea of LYEN's LOW PRESSURE LOW NOISE with high performance on the propeller syste
The five fishery research vessels with LYEN CPP have been delivered to the owner, CAFS, for more than 5 years. The CPP s...
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