LYEN MARINE’s commitment is to supply the most reliable propulsion system with good performance. This benefits from all of our technical advantages. For each project, we supply not only the propulsion system with reliability and high performance but also the full analysis of fuel consumption, vessel speed and solution of fuel saving.

We also propose and supply Lean Marine's 'on top' propulsion automation system FuelOpt that optimizes automatically and in real-time a vessel's propulsion system based on the command set for engine power, fuel consumption and/or speed from the bridge and changing environmental and operational conditions (vessel speed, weather, vessel resistance, draft etc.). FuelOpt achieves real time fuel savings, and thus lowers CO2 emissions.

Scope of Business
Design and produce controllable pitch propeller, Tunnel thruster Solution and supply intelligent FuelOpt system Solution and package of main propulsion system. Evaluation of vessel speed, fuel consumption and propose solution. Consultant for shaft alignment. Maintenance, Repair and upgrade the current propulsion system.